Nutricosmetics promoting youthfulness.

Our Story

DAY + was founded by Claire Despagne in 2017. Claire, who admits that she has always been receptive to maintaining a balanced diet and aware of the effects of time, wished to create a nutritional supplement which would meet all skin needs.

An optimally-effective solution for younger-looking, more beautiful, healthier skin, an opportunity to preserve youthfulness and fight the signs of aging… in one go.

DAY + is a unique complex combining 5 active ingredients which incorporate the best of what nature and science have to offer our skin.

A revolutionary formula, rich in active Collagen, Spirulina, Hyaluronic Acid, Pomegranate and Zinc compounds.

An all-in-one, natural, easy-to-use product. The idea of sticks to drink every day was born.

A “Made in France” nutritional supplement, where every ingredient has been carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality and French excellence.

DAY + because we all need a helping hand to stay young.

DAY + is ever-so-easy to include in your daily routine, take it with you when you're on-the-go, pop it in your bag, drink it in your car on the way to work or sit back and savour it over breakfast.

DAY + is for everyone who enjoys life with passion and loves delightful pleasures.
For everyone who steers clear of sports and health clubs and for those who enter in. For young, ambitious, determined urbanites with their "no limit" professional engagement, who live for the exhilaration of the city and café get-togethers with friends.

DAY + is for feminine yet overly rushed mums who manage to keep some time for themselves. For enthusiastic, committed businessmen who don't know how to keep an eye on their youthfulness, but who would like to start preserving it. For everyone who is familiar with nutritional supplements and for those who are keen to discover them.

DAY + is the rejuvenative nutritional supplement to drink anytime, anywhere. Because we all love the sun, special moments with friends, celebrations and guilt-free mornings-after.
Work passionately, live intensely. Exercise, work out and feel liberated, meditate and get in touch with ourselves, travel and marvel at the wonders of our world.

The Creator

Skin is a silky garment which protects us. Covering it with make-up, exposing it to fresh air and sunshine, pampering it by moisturizing it, nourishing it with a nutritional supplement and letting it relax: it's good to take care of it.

For Claire Despagne, a sports enthusiast and high-spirited city-dweller, she felt the time had come to take care of her skin.

"It's the garment that's always with me, season-in, season-out".

At 21, after completing university and business school studies, she started working for the City of London's financial markets.

In 2017, after 6 exciting years at a frantic pace, something really clear suddenly came to mind: "take better care of myself and let others benefit from it too".

The DAY + adventure was launched.

After years of my DIY morning routine, I'd had enough of playing around, pretending to be a chemist. I was running after the perfect formula, taking 4 or 5 capsules with breakfast and wolfing down just as many vitamins with a detox infusion.

Through travelling and experiences abroad, I was able to see for myself the progress made in this field. Nutritional supplements were becoming more popular. Their benefits were illustrated and recommended by professionals.

After consulting dermatologists and nutricosmetic specialists thoroughly, the response was unanimous "nourishing your skin with moisturizing lotions and creams isn't enough. It needs an extra external supply to fuel it and repair it from the inside". Our skin draws from the resources which we provide it with.

So, all I needed to do was get going and create the nutritional supplement that I was lacking. I started out by looking for a laboratory which could help me make this dream come true.

Quality and "Made in France" are centre staged because I found the perfect partner after searching around for a few months.

DAY + Values

The sureness of a totally-suitable, practical solution.
At last... 5 in 1 drink sticks! At last... an easy-to-use, all-in-one product. At last... an anti-aging solution to drink anytime, anywhere. Easy to use, easy to carry, easy to store.

The promise of a highly-effective nutritional supplement which meets our skin's needs and revives our inner beauty.
DAY + means perfect knowledge of the properties of the ingredients and the right dosage of their active substances. DAY + combines 5 essential active ingredients which work in synergy on the deepest layers of the skin.
Nutricosmetics promoting visible results. Because it is vital to nourish your skin with nutrients to stimulate it, protect it and repair it.

Total commitment to quality.
Five ingredients selected for specific needs and targeted actions. Made in France, checked by a laboratory appointed to ensure the high-quality standards of the raw materials and for its mastery of processing the ingredients.